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Epoxy Glue


Perhaps one of the most versatile and most enduring forms of adhesive is two part epoxy. You'll find this in a pack with two syringes with the application involving mixing those two parts together at which point it starts to cure. Before mixing epoxy is entirely stable .

What jobs is it good for?

2-part epoxy adhesive can be used for virtually anything. It can be used to bond almost any material type together, regardless of how porous. It can be used for tasks that involve submersion in water for long periods because it is entirely waterproof. It can be used in environments that involve heat as generally it is is extremely heat resistant. They can also be used in environments that may come in contact with other solvents. It's also capable of handling a lot of pull weight.

Because of this, epoxy glue can be used for a wide variety of jobs from simple repairs to structural work that needs to last for years.

What jobs is it not good for?

The main problem with two part epoxy comes from how messy it can be. Remember that there are are generally two syringes of material, the resin and the curing agent, that need to be mixed together. That leads to some waste and certainly some mess.

This mess, and possibly the problem of poor or longer curing time, comes from the need to mix the two parts first. Typically this is done with a spatula which can lead to uneven distribution and also adhesive squeezing out the side of the bond. So for a job that doesn't need the characteristics of expoxy glue, this is probably over the top.

Certainly any fine-work gluing like craftwork or cabinet making that needs to look good, consider other types of adhesive first.

How to use

The most important thing is to mix it well and mix it in equal parts. Sometimes the manufacturer produces dual syringe applicators, but not always. As soon as the two parts are mixed the curing process starts so mix well, apply in a timely fashion, and leave to cure. The end result is essentially a hard plastic bond of substantial strength that will last, just take care in application.