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Glue this to That

How do I Glue This to That?

The guide I've put together here is meant to be as simple as possible. When you're looking for a glue type, you know that some glues are appropriate, and some could be wildly inappropriate.

So this guide brings together the combinations of materials you might be considering, and give the right answer about which glue to use.

How does this guide work?

In the menu (that's over on the left if you're on a laptop, and up at the top if you're a phone) you'll see the first material you want to stick. Click on that and you'll get a list of the second materials that can be stuck to it. Click on that and you'll find a curated list of the best guides on how to make that happen.

I've also cross referenced with the manufacturers' latest guidelines and places to buy. Apologies - I know that you're smart enough to know that some of these are affiliate links, but I'm running this as a hobby and looking to get the server costs paid. Hope you're ok with that, but if not you can always copy and paste into the browser as the info is still sound.

For each combination, it will cover:

  1. Advice on gluing this (particular material) to that (particular material).
  2. Recommendations about which glue is best to use in this situation.
  3. Links to curated primary material for this particular application.


Please do let me know if this guide is helpful, and in particular if there's some way of presenting this material in a more helpful way. I can be contacted on eigennovember at gmail dot com (the reason I'm spelling that out is to avoid the inevitable bot-attack if I make it a link.)