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Intro to Glue

Intro to Glue

Bear with me if some of these are just placeholders.

I've over 35 years of sticking this to that, and am not really a youtuber type, so wanted to get down what essentially is a user manual for glue.

Over the next wee while I'll be updating each of these pages with the essentials of what you need to know.

There's more to it than you may think - from the chemistry (which you can ignore, but is interesting to glue-geeks like me), which adhesive to glue this to that, and what are the good brands out there. And the poor ones of course, which not only cost you a double-dip paying twice for the materials for the job, but also typically take much more time clearing off the failed bond.

So I'll be taking the notes out of my notebook and putting them here.